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So like most of you we are starting to encounter some things that are unclear. 


We currently have a member of staff who is self isolating due to their child having symptoms (child does not attend our setting). They are currently waiting for test results. 

- if the test results come back positive, exactly when should we notify Public Health England. It states you should only notify if a member of staff or children from your setting has received a positive test.

However, does this mean we have to wait for the test results of the member of staff or do we have to notify even if its only the member of staffs child. The reason i ask is that if it is only when the test results come back positive for the member of staff then this could in theory be another 3 days, putting more staff and children at risk. 


I feel i would rather inform them as soon as possible to help control the spread but equally don't want to cause concern and panic before we need to. 

Thoughts on this topic?

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Not sure if this might be of help. I have had an email this morning from the Early Years Alliance. The guidance has changed in terms of who to contact if you have a COVID case confirmed in your setting. (The bold and red font is my emphasis)  I just wonder if they may be able to offer advice for your situation? Maybe worth a phone call. The email says:

However, this guidance has now been updated to state that: "You should contact the DfE Helpline on 0800 046 8687 and select option 1 for advice on the action to take in response to a positive case. You will be put through to a team of advisors who will inform you what action is needed based on the latest public health advice. If, following triage, further expert advice is required the adviser will escalate your call to the local health protection team."


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