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Hi everyone,

Our topic next term is People Who help Us. We have got lots of non-fiction books and intend to arrange visits from various people but I am stuck when it comes to thinking about which texts to use for Literacy. The Jolly Postman springs to mind but I'm struggling to think of any others. Can anyone help?



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Sounds good, cant think of any off the top of my head, but there are always loads of books in WHS when your looking for a topic.


I keep thinking I will keep book list from topics I have done, but I never get round to it... maybe we should start one on here!

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HI, books I have used in the past, ' What would we do without Missus Mac,' non fiction books about firefighters, doctor etc. I always type in a search on amazon for good book ideas,

good luck! :)

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Topsy and Tim meet the firefighters/doctor/dentist/police/start school/have their eyes tested/buynew shoes/go to the supermarket

I love T&t although I know lots of people don't

You can get them dead cheap on Amazon in the slightly bigger format they used about 5/6 years ago

Some might argue that they are to literacy what sticky sweets are to dental hygiene!

Other ideas:

Fireman Small books (again from Amazon and American but mine loved them -written in rhyme)

Flashing Fire engines

There's alovely book about people who work at night shows police, hospital (birth of new baby) post office etc but I can't remember name -someone will I'll bet.

Cops and Robbers

Hope this helps and I haven't lost all cred admitting I like the terrible twins


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