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I have just been informed by my contact at the local community centre we have hired for the preschool use for the past 50 years, that they are capping the amount of people allowed in each room. I am due to reopen on Monday!!! My smaller room for 2 year olds is registered to have a maximum of 8 children with two members of staff, they are now saying I can have five children and two members of staff. My big room for 3-4 year olds is being limited to 21 people, 4 staff members and the rest children. We usually have up to 28 children. The community centre has said this is because they have measured the floor space and are following requirements. I have looked at the following guidance (listed below) and can not find solid recommendations on how to move forward, nor can I find anything which supports their claims? My setting can adhere to their requirements for the time being but numbers are picking up, and quickly. Does one set of guidance out weigh the other? Does anyone else operate from a Community Centre and are having their numbers limited? It seems contradictory that my children are allowed to go to school in classes of 30/31 with 2/3 teachers in smaller rooms? Am I missing something?




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just saw your post, hope its not too late to reply

I run my nursery out of a community centre for last 10 years. Since reopening in June, we have been the only group to use the centre apart from their admin and community staff in their front office.

They haven't put any restrictions on us. I hve kept them in the loop with all our canges and the basics of the guildlines and they hav been happy with it.

Since September, we have social distancing markers on the floor outside our part of the building and are inforcing the wearing of masks for parents and staff in sections open to the public. They did mention to me that their areas have maximum capacity andany rooms that are shared space needs masks, which does not apply to our part of the buiding.

I recomend showing them the actions for nurseries guildlines and make it clear that its for the community (that usually works for me)

I hope his helps



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