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Tapestry baseline and ongoing assessments


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hello, please help! 

Can you please give me advice on baselines and ongoing assessments please. We are also using Tapestry for the first time too.

On entry to Reception should pupils be secure in 30-50 and working within 40-60?? Is there an age they need to achieve each half term in order to help them reach expected by Summer term. Or should I be looking more at each pupils age realated expecations? I'm a little confused.

Also, How do you manage weekly observations after baseline? Do you focus on an area of learning? Pupils? 


I was going to use the Twinkl baseline assessments/ take photos of pupils/write observations and upload to Tapestry.


Thanks Everyone! :)

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Hi, and welcome to the forum and Tapestry :)

On entry data to Reception can really depend on your intake and I would always look at their nursery data if possible to give an idea, and then spend a few weeks doing a baseline using Tapestry to get an idea where they are now. This will be really important this year as the data from nursery may possibly by from before Easter and the children may have not been in a setting since. You can carry out a baseline using Tapestry by following these steps: Baseline assessments (EYFS) I would tend to do this just by observing the children in their play, and make sure that I was hitting all the areas I needed, focusing on Prime areas only at this point. 

Once I had my baseline, I would then plan as normal, and observe as much as I needed to. When we started with Tapestry, we set ourselves a target of each child having a prime, English and Maths obs each week - but this was not manageable in the slightest and totally not necessary so we scrapped that! 

We then did observations as and when appropriate, making sure that we had enough evidence for our own professional judgement, but setting no actual targets. 

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