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Hi. I work in a very large setting with almost 200 children on  the registers. We have been using iPads and Samsung's for Tapestry but are looking at changing devices. Our head is looking at iPods. Any  thoughts on pros and cons of these devices. Also would we need the newest version to support Tapestry?

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Hi Mya,

The iPod Touch will certainly support our iOS Tapestry app, as the app is currently usable on Apple devices that are running iOS 9 or later :) 

From what we've heard from other customers using this device, the pros and cons seem to be the following:

  • Pros
    • The device is pocket sized, so is less conspicuous and easy to transport around a setting
    • Just like other iOS devices, it runs apps like Safari and other browsers, so if you need to access the browser version of Tapestry you can do
    • Works similarly to a phone device, so is more compact and may be more comfortable for users
  • Cons
    • Doesn't have cellular connectivity - this may not be a huge problem if your previous devices weren't using a data network either, but this can be useful if you experience problems with your setting's WiFi
    • Smaller screens and keyboards - visibility and typing are slightly more difficult because of the small size, which might make viewing summative assessments and tracking screens a bit trickier on the browser version if you are only using these devices
    • Depending on what model of iPod Touch you get will depend on what it can access; older, cheaper models may not have all the capabilities you need, so it is worth checking carefully to make sure the model you want to go with has the access you want (such as email etc.)

From what we've heard, the iPod Touch does seem to work well for several other settings, but it really is down to your personal preference as to whether you think it will be better than using a larger device. 

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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