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Major Panic!


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Our school has ofsted looming and we are pretty sure judgement day will be next half term. When this was being discussed in our last staff meeting our head was going through the new procedure. He was talking about how co-ordinators may be interviewed and he ran through our co-ordinators. We only have one reception class - the one i teach - and no 'official' FS co-ordinator. I niavely asked who the FS co-ordinator was. Our head said it was me. I understand this as i am the only FS teacher but now i am in a major panic as i have no idea what i should be doing in the role with regardsa to ofsted. Can anyone give me some tips or help out my mind at rest - i can see a Easter holiday full of sleepless nights ahead with worry!!


Thanks in advance


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Firstly, don't panic!

You need to have some idea of how your Reception children compare with other schools (nationally and locally i.e. county) which you can find out by looking at the FSP scores. What are the strengths/weaknesses?

How are you using this information?

What is your school's long term plan for FS - look at the school development plan. What are the priorities for FS?

How are you planning to reflect the needs of you children and meet the elgs?

It's really important that you are familiar with the SEF - ideally you should have your own input. How does your school fulfil the aims of Every Child Matters?

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