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Hi there everyone


It is a very exciting time in our school at the mo - builders have just finished phase one of the refurb work on KS1 classrooms and have started on the phase 2 - next step is to start on our new unit!!! - they think in about 5 weeks time - which i have just realised is 2 weeks after the easter hols!

we are hoping all will be finished by sept and we will start the new year in a very new environment - thats the lovely bit - now i start to panic - what do we need to do before then!?!?!?


does anyone working in a unit have a list of policies that we will need to create, ideas for planning - how to do it etc. and anythings to avoid - we dont want to make the same mistakes as other people may have done in the past!


Any ideas will be great


Sarah xoxox

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Apart from rejigging our Early Years policy and a new transition policy we havent actually created any policies as they should be covered by those already in place for the rest of the school xD .

We have adapted the Norfolk medium term plans to suit our setting and have adapted short term planning from those suggested by our LEA which we tried and found didnt work for us.

I think its important to sit down as a team and workout what will suit your particular setting. What areas you will have/ look at continuous provision etc. We decided to jump in at the deep end and its been a matter of finding out what works for us on the way (with OFSTED 1 term in) We think we are nearly there with mark 100000000000000 of the planning format (joking its probably only 9999999999999) :o

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We are going to have a unit in September, and kindly adopt Maron's planning :) , we may have to do different planning for the outdoor planning seperately as requested by our school.

We are also doing a new policy for the unit and a transition policy from FSU to Year 1.

Hope this helps.

We have visited lots of units, and been given valuable advice. I think the big message is 'child initiated' learning and planning for children's interests.

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Becky Julia Graham has a copy of our transition policy or I could send you a copy if you would like a look. Head took a copy to HMI meeting last week and said they were impressed.

Are you going to the transition courses in June?


Sarah you would certainly be welcome to come and look around our unit if you wanted. Its not purpose built (so Im very jealous of you and Becky) but as Becky says looking around and sharing ideas certainly helps if only to say 'thats not for us :o

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yes I hope to go to the transition course in June. I would appreciate a look at your policy, many thanks Marion :)

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