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hi there folks...

we have had some terrible news regarding one of our Y1 pupils who is desperately ill and is about to undergo long and intrusive medical treatment that may or may not work.

I would like to know if any of you could recommend a suitable book/s that we could use with her class that highlights someone being ill?

much appreciated

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So sorry to hear this.

I can't recommend this book as I have not read it but it sounds a possibility


It is called 'What about me' by Allan Peterkin ISBN: 0945254495


It is a picture book for reading levels age 4-8. It is aimed at the well siblings of seriously ill children and has suggestions for parents on how to help them.


I just thought it sounded a possibility?


SOrry can't be more help and fingers crossed the treatment is successful.

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Apple, When we were in a similiar situation the specialist nurse came into school to talk to us and the children. She brought in props, a teddy who had a hickman line etc and explained in a very clear understandable way the treatment, how it would make the child feel and what we all could do to help when she was in school. This was easy just be her friend. We kept in regular contact with Mum and sent things home so she would know what we had been doing in school, not homework necessarily just stuff like a copy of the big book we had been reading, topic books and games so when she did come to school she didn't feel she had missed out on too much.

We sent a letter home to parents to remind them about infectious diseases and how long to keep their child off and also asked them to inform the school if their child caught chickenpox for example which can be dangerous when an immune system is comprimised.

The nurse also gave us books to read to the children and gave us advice for those awkward questions.

All of this was done with Mum's consent and thankfully she recovered.

I would advise you to contact the hospital via mum and I am sure they will be able to support you whatever the outcome.


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Thanks Sharon

thats really good advice. We are having the nurse in to talk to staff mainly as we dont want to unecessarily alarm the other children however, I will ask her about suitable books and how to handle difficuly questions. We have sent a note home already to the parents re chicken pox and a home/school diary is being established.

Thanks to for the book Geraldine. I shall try to hunt it out maybe on ebay :o

thanks once gain for your support and advice

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