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Staff Development Days In Pre-school


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Hi everyone,


Have just received another letter from Kent county council re: funded term dates for next year.


It says "in order to deliver the maximum 38 weeks funding (plus five staff development days) you must open in line with these dates."


Does that mean we can use five term days for staff development like the schools? Its the first time Kent have mentioned staff development. Do any other counties do this?

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I think since funding first started we could use term days for staff development days ( ie: funded days ) it was just never fully explained, like a lot of things such as not charging top-ups for funded times, but should charge for non funded parts of a session :o


I beleive you can do inservice training in your setting ( which I do) or count the times staff attend training which has been set up by the Early Years advisors. I first became aware of this when they asked on our term dates returns form which dates were for training days.


I'm also in Kent. No doubt WHEN we get our code of practice meeting these queries can be clarified. xD



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