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With the return to school imminent, what are teacher's putting in place for the children in early years?

I was thinking of putting some packs together for each child so that they have a set of their own resources that they can use. For example:

·         Each child has a pack with the following items:

-          Whiteboard and pen

-          Pot of playdough- 

-          Pencil

-          Set of crayons

-          Tweezers and little things to pick up

-          Set of number cards


Also the children will need toys so I was thinking of a box of a select few toys that can be easily cleaned at the end of the day and throughout. A different box for each day of the week. We would also be doing lots of outside activities, singing, yoga, role play, stories etc.

Has anyone else come up with some other ideas?

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Hi there and welcome to the Forum!

Those are really creative and thoughtful ideas. 

There are some threads of discussions currently on the  FSF that I thought might be helpful, just to see the kinds of things everyone is thinking about:  


If you're using 'bubbles' for children to learn and play in, it may be  that they can share resources within their 'bubble'?

Lego might be a good addition - and a colleague reminded me that it can all be put in a pillow case in the dishwasher to clean it at the end of the day! 

I hope you find some useful things here. 

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