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Previous years assessments on tapestry

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I hope you can help. As we are not in school, I don't have access to all previous yearly assessments. I need them urgently as I need to prepare a report on the data we have so far. I o l9t had them in paper form! Is there a way that previous years are still saved on the Tapestry system, even though I deleted the children as they went on to key stage 1. Really hope somebody can help me! Thanks in advance!

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Sadly not, as the children the data related to have now been removed. Did you happen to transfer the children to a KS1 account? If so, that account may still have the data that you can access if you transferred all their observations etc. 

Is it end of year data that you're trying to find? Is there any chance you emailed it to someone? If so, it might still be in your Sent folder? 

Sorry I can't be of more help :-( 

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