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Trips For Transport Topic Please!


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Hi Guys hope some of you can help!

I will be planning my transport topic over the next week and need some ideas for outings I thought about taking them to the london transport museum but it's closed!!!!!

Any other ideas or tried and tested trips wolud be great!


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What about using transport- I remember that when my daughters were in nursery they used the local transport to visit the library. This was after having a visitor from the library (good community links/ love of stories and possibly to join the library) and evolved into a "how can we get to the libraray to visit Mrs H and see all her lovely books/ have another story telling/ story sack session (planned as a topic on transport). Able to discuss why walking not suitable- too far for a part time session, but a bus would be perfect. Using the bus had a purpose and lots of talk, photographs emphaising the use of the bus as a suitable mode of transport went on. Also during the same topic they visited their local train station and went on a train trip (only to the next stop, visited the cafe and travelled back home). It may be that you have access to a suitable activity at the end of a short train journey or even more exciting able to visit steam trains that are in use (type we go on whenever we are on holiday in Aberdovey/ Towyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! part of our holidaying tradition and we simply enjoy the journey no real destination other than the end of the line!!!)

Depending on where you are and what children are used to, you will find that children will have lots to say about there journey- even if they use public transport frequently.

Hope these are useful ideas (I do like the idea that travel has a purpose and uses community/ public facilties).



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