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Calling All Reception And Year 1 Teachers


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Reception_Teacher_Questionnaire.docyear_1_Teacher_Questionnaire.docHello I am asking for your help as my deadlines are getting ever closer I am concerned about the level of response to my questionnaires I sent out for my dissertation. I am looking into the transition from the foundation stage to year 1 and comparing views between those teaching in year 1 and reception. Hopefully I will attach them to this post :o and I would be gratefull if any of you could take a moment to fill it in and then email it back to me. ( This is an idea I had when trying to get back to sleep after the postman woke me at "Oh my god it's early" so I hope it works!)


Thanks in anticipation......


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I used to be a Reception/Year 1 teacher until September, so if you need any more I'll be happy to help or does it need to be those teaching it now.

I've moved out of mainstream and now teach Y3 and 4 children with severe or profound learning difficulties.

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