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Hi. I have just filled in the new forms for managers ready to send off to Ofsted. As this is my first real dealings with them, I don't really know what happens next! Our inspection is due any time now, but with my application, will this speed things up?


I know I shouldn't worry, but I can't help being a bit nervous! :o



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I think you should be prepared for a visit - I think if there are major changes to a committe (50%) rings a bell and there is a new manager then Ofsted will possibly pull the file up nearer the top of the file but really will I think depend on their workload - I think if you get your self assessment and reflection done then on areas where you know need improving then you will be fine.


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We're waiting for that knock too. Many previous inspections under my belt - they aren't ogres!! Just be aware of iffy bits and say so before they do!


If you're doing the right things you'll be fine!


Sue xxxx

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