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With Covid-19 issues dominating the news and beginning to affect the normal functions of our society, we thought it would be useful to give you our perspective of Tapestry service provision over the next weeks, and also to advise you on how Tapestry may be able to assist with the closure of your school, nursery or other child provision.

First of all, we'd like to re-assure you that we are offering, and have confidence we will be able to continue to offer, a full service. This means reliable access to the Tapestry platform, and also to the full level of product support you normally expect from us. Tapestry staff are currently working from home but everyone still has full access to the normal tools of their job, so we can function and communicate as normal. Therefore we are confident we can still provide prompt and effective levels of service. 

Additionally, and because of the current situation, we have decided to prioritise a number of new functions that have been in development for some time, intended to help teachers and practitioners offer resources and support to the parents and carers of their children. We will be publishing articles and other resources with suggestions of how to use Tapestry in a real world situation where children are not in physical attendance, and hope you will find these useful. For information about any new features and links to resources, take a look at this page

Finally, please do get in touch with any queries, suggestions or issues you may have by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info. Our education and support teams will help wherever they can, while our engineers will work hard to ensure Tapestry is fully and reliably available at all times. We all look forward to helping you continue to weave your learning journeys as more normal times return.

Best wishes,
Steve, Helen and the FSF & Tapestry team.

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