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I would consider why you are providing the iPad. My experience is that most children have access to a tablet at home and so is there any additional learning occurring by them accessing them in your provision?  How are the children using them?

I recently saw a lovely iPad activity; one child took a few photos of things in the classroom and then challenged the adult/ other children to find the items. Lots of language and talk. I've also seen them used for a number challenge- could the child take a photo of '5 toy cars' for example.

The home corner can provide fantastic opportunities to expose them to technology- a digital clock next to the bed, a lamp next to the sofa, a remote control for the TV and a microwave, oven, whisks etc etc. in the kitchen. so it may be worth looking at this?

My advice would be to remove the iPads from continuous provision and instead use them more purposefully.

Don't know if others would agree though! 

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