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Hi All, 

I wondering if anyone has ever done a staff meeting to inspire staff to create good activities. I'm thinking of doing a staff meeting around what makes a good activity and give staff some inspiration. At the minute I have a have very new staff team and want to development them more to come out of their shells and be more confident. 

Is anyone willing to share any ideas of any activities I could do during a training session to inspire staff. 

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Possibly a bit dated, but the old Teachers TV may have some ideas that you may find useful although not sure if they have much early years stuff on there. http://www.proteachersvideo.com/Home.aspx

Otherwise, anything around Number Blocks is always fun! Might be a nice idea to share a few learning intentions and give staff time to discuss their ideas on how to approach it. That way, everyone can have a say, and they get to hear the ideas of others in a safe environment - big paper and colourful markers is a winner for this in my eyes!

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