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As many of you are aware, Tapestry currently has 2 app versions available for both iOS and Android - a Classic and the new version. 

The Classic app is the one that many of you have grown to use and love, and we are proud of it too. It offered everything we wanted it to when it was launched - a quick and simple way to add observations. However, Tapestry has come a long way since the app was first developed, and the world of apps has also developed. Whenever a new feature is launched on Tapestry, one of the most asked questions is 'Will this be on the app?'. The Classic app was fairly limited in what it allowed us to achieve and add. For instance, when Tapestry started out, it offered only the EYFS, CoEL and Leuven statements, so the app was built around those assessments. Customers then requested more assessment frameworks, such as the SEND, KS1/2 and Cherry Garden statements, and these were added. To get these assessments onto the app was sadly not as simple as just adding them, and the decision was made to create a new app that would allow customers to add as many of the assessment frameworks that they wanted to include for their setting.

Customers also told us that they really enjoyed using the filters on the browser and found the ability to filter for groups was something that they missed on the Classic app, therefore this was also added to new app which we hope has made using the app easier. A number of our customers also had several accounts, and being able to switch between these accounts was a slow and frustrating experience, therefore account switching was made available in the new app so that users with more than one account could easily switch between them. With devices now having features such as fingerprint unlocking and face recognition, users have become used to these features to log in to services, so it was decided to add this feature to the new app to help speed up the process of accessing Tapestry. 

Screenshot_20191016-095108_Tapestry.jpg Screenshot_20191016-094432_Tapestry.jpg Screenshot_20191016-094504_Tapestry.jpg














Whilst designing the new app, the developers used the guidelines for app developers on what apps should look like and designs that helped the users. These guidelines are always developing, and our team are keen to ensure that the Tapestry app remains looking fresh.

The Android app has provided us with some unique issues that our team have worked hard to keep on top of. As Android has so many different versions that are installed on a number of different devices - some being high end, others being low spec, the issue of having an app that runs on all devices has been an area that they are focusing on. We are well aware that budgets are very tight in education at the moment, but when choosing devices, one with a limited processing power or poor camera will not work as well as a device with more processor power and a better camera. This is not to say that the app should not work on all devices - but the device may struggle to complete the task of running the Tapestry app. 

That all said, we are aware that the new app is different from the Classic, but hopefully you will find that it is easier to use in the long run – especially as we are looking to add new features to it, which is only possible thanks to the app redesign.

If you do ever experience any issues, or if you would like to make a suggestion about what you like or do not like in the app (or any area of Tapestry!) please do let us know by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info so we can discuss it as a team and look at making Tapestry the best product possible for all the Weavers out there!

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