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Reflections is a fantastic new feature, designed to bring staff together to reflect and evaluate their practice and provision. You can use it to identify your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as plan activities to continuously develop and improve your setting. 

It works in a similar way to observations, so you can add a title, children, notes, comments and media to a reflection. You can also link reflections to other reflections and to observations which will help you create a timeline of a reflection and your thought process.

There are flags available for reflections which can be used as a way of grouping reflections and also showing what a reflection relates to, for example you can link a reflection to the flag 'Child led' (this appears under the flag set 'Motivation for Learning'). 

To learn how to enable and use Reflections on your account, you can watch these videos or you can read the tutorials linked below. 

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