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Children Taking Part In Adult Led Activities


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Hi all, I would like to ask what everyone’s thoughts are around every child having to take part in an adult led activity? I always ask and encourage children to join in but was told today by manager that all children should take part in the adult directed activity following whole class activity. I feel this is just like a watered down version of NC. I feel that early years is not about getting everyone through a planned AD activity but giving them a choice instead? It’s a new manager and they said they always carried out whole group then AD activity with everyone? Could I please ask opinions? I’m feeling very deflated!

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I wouldn't feel comfortable making every child do the same activity (I don't plan specific activities at all).

I'd be gently encouraging children to have a go but wouldn't insist.  Instead  I'd follow up by finding other ways / activities to support the same objectives during self chosen activities that were already engaging those children.  

In my experience you achieve so much more when you go to the children rather than getting children to come to you.

I do feel for you - I'd be having a hard time in your situation!   :(  

One solution - perhaps, if you are asked to plan an activity, you could plan it with the adult input as the focus...   

e g objective:  adult will initiate conversation about how many, same, different....

                          adult will model counting and comparing...

and then the adult aims to do this throughout the session rather than just a 20 minute slot (and likely will then get to all the children anyway!  (not a new idea  -  credit to Alistair Bryce clegg).

Good luck!


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