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Stuck On Knowledge Question...please Help!


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My last knowledge question for C11...


"current thinking with regard to early reading and writing and their implications for those who work with children"


I've run out of chocolate and my brain is ceasing to function... please save me!!!!!


Any ideas whats it means please??


Sarah x

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Oh you poor soul!

Hope you managed, but if not then you may want to have a think about the initiatives in the papers recently about synthetic phonics. Theres an interesting debate on the Early Education (BAECE) website about this and it is referred to somewhere on this site although I can't remember where just right now!

Also have a look at some of the reading/writing schemes on the web - Jolly Phonics and Oxford Reading Tree have really good websites for teachers.

Hope thats helpful

Krissy :o

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Do we all currently think that children should be sat at tables doing worksheets? Learning their alphabet by rote? Doing formal reading at the age of 4? What sorts of activities do we offer children to help them with early reading and writing? (Think about the value of play!!!!)

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