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Interview lesson for Reception Class

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Hi everyone.  I'm just looking for some advice on an upcoming interview for a Reception Teacher role.  I've got to teach a Maths session with a number focus to a mixed group of 30 children.  I've been assigned about 30 minutes for the session so not sure if it should be a whole class session for the entire time or plan some small group activities related to the session.  I've been teaching abroad for a number of years so I'm not sure what the current expectation is for interview lessons.  I'm concerned about the whole class sitting for such a long time as I wouldn't normally have a carpet session that long.  Not sure if there is enough time to develop it further with a small group.  Also don't know the children so any activity would have to be accessible to all with adaptations.  I'm trying to keep it simple as I'm doing daily supply as the moment so don't have a lot of access to resources to take with me.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I would do a whole class carpet starter,  introduce the learning intention! Then break off into differentiated group activities! Teach a group maybe rotate if time! You could theme the number around Autumn! 

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If you could find out how many children and staff there will be, then agree with @sparkles and go for a shortish input and then have activities out that they can access. If I was watching the lesson, I would be looking out for how you move around the children, help move on their learning and the types of questions you ask. Keep some post it notes handy to make notes that you can pass on to the class teacher too - shows you're always assessing :-) 

It is quite early in the term for them to be sat for 30 min but it might be worth asking what their current timetable is like, as that would give you an idea of what they are experiencing already. 

Good luck! 

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