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Are you thinking of adding an option for managers to look at an overview of the Care Diary say for a whole week/month which would include all children. It would be useful to have the information in one place rather than having to go back over the dates and each child. 

As a manager I could then check that all practitioners are completing the Care Diary, and also I think it would give a good overview of the week/month to enable any changes in practice that may arise. It could help to ensure that risk assessments are met in the event recurring accidents in one particular area. 


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Hi Tcha,

Thank you for your feedback - it is really helpful to hear what Tapestry users have to say about particular features. 

We have an ongoing list of things to add or develop further - it's very long! Analysis for accident forms is already on our list, but I have added the request to have a broader overview of the Care Diary available for managers. Our developers are working through this list all the time. 

Thanks again. :)


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