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Sorry to be a pain again and thanks for the book ideas from my last post on cavemen, but i am still unsure of activities to do for this topic apart from the obvious ones. To make matters worse the deputy is coming to observe a lit lesson after the hols and wants to see how I motivate the chn to do some creative writing. This topic does not inspire me so need your help. Thanks.

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Could you write a shopping/hunting list e.g. 2 tyrannosaurus eggs, 1 triceratops steak, 5 furry pairs of knickers! Or a 'to do' list e.g. sweep the cave, light the fire...These could be tied in to role play which might be more inspiring. Or make name badges for cave men characters e.g. 'Ug' or something (it's phonetic at any rate!) Draw and label a caveman e.g. dirty hair, hairy legs, bone necklace or something. Make your own 'lift the flap' books: Ug the caveman went for a walk. Behind the tree/rock/cave/plant there was...a slippery snake. The animal could be drawn and written behind the rock/tree etc (which would be the flap bit). Crikey this is hard.


For other activities could you look at cave paintings and use this to explore natural dyes. I've done this before - crushing up beetroot, spinach, saffron etc with a stone and using it for mark making with a stick - great fun.


You could also do carving - scrape away at soap with clay tools. Again, great fun!


Do writing/drawing in mud. I've used compost with water before but my children didn't really like it although I'm sure I'm seen somewhere on here about someone colouring shaving foam or something which might be more acceptable.


Go out and collect sticks etc (or get the children to bring them in) and make shelters.


Have a small Playmobile or similar figure and explain that this is a caveman who wants to cross a river. Have lollysticks and set children the task of building him a raft on which he could float across the river. Provide different stuff for joining e.g. glue, sellotape, blu-tac, elastic bands etc. Do all/any of them work. Test out each raft you build. This kept mine going for a WHOLE afternoon - lovely!

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