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I wonder if anyone could tell me their procedure for inducting new members of staff. Seems so many things to tell them not sure how to break it down. Also can anyone tell me a website where I can order new copies of the national standards. I keep finding the guidance but not the standards online.




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When we have staff induction we ask the new member of staff in to visit for a whole session before starting.

during this visit we talk the member of staff through what happens during the session such as setting up, kitchen duties, fire drill etc.


we also give them a copy of all preschool policies (in to form of a staff handbook) to keep for personal reference which includes a break down of the daily routine and staff deployment and draw their attention to particular policies such as behaviour policy, child protection, health and safety.


after they have settled in a few days we would then introduce them to their key group of children and profile/ report writing.


There is too much to cover in one day and opportunities need to be made available shortly after the member of staff has started to have supervision so that they can ask questions and share concerns


consider drawing up a pack of information/handbook to give the new member of staff so that everything they are told on their first day is also in print for them to check and refer to later on it will help them to settle in alot quicker and have them functioning as an effective member of staff sooner


the job centre and your local EYDCP will also have information on how to carry out staff induction, as the basic principle is the same for all employers/managers not just early years setting.

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This is something that I need to develop also. I started as manager on the same day as a new Nursery Nurse started. The deputy had been acting as Manager, and therefore I assumed that the Nursery Nurse would receive a full induction, as obviously I was in no position to carry one out - how wrong I was!


I know that Ofsted are now going to be randomly inspecting the Recruitment process from the advertising of the post, right through to induction. A high proportion of the ones they have inspected since April, have not been up-to-scratch apparently.



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Attached is my induction check list which is at the front of the staff handbook. The right column sometimes says pg...., the staff meber has to fill this in ( at least I then know they know what page the info is on and they have actually looked through the handbook :o ).


It takes the full 3 months probationary period to work through everything, and I devise a training plan for areas the staff shows a need in.


It is made clear that the staff member is responsible for "going through" the list, asking questions, asking for any extra relevant "paper" information, ie; copy of the standards. I go through how far they have got on 2 weekly supervision meetings at the beginning of their trial period.




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