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Environment Rating Scales 3-5 provision.

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Good Morning , 

l am a Centre Director for a Early Learning Centre in Australia , I work for a big company who have a lot of UK trained staff on the board and are constantly introducing practices from the UK . Which is not a bad thing .

I am looking for some advice on the Environment rating scales for 3-5 provision . I have used the book along time ago when I worked in the UK .

Would anybody like to share if they still use the process?

How it works for your service? 

How did the educators respond to the process?

Thank you Fi 




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I work for the Bedford Nursery School federation, which is also a Teaching School Alliance. We use ECERS all the time - it has helped to shape our provision and is the basis for much of the training we deliver as a teaching school. If you can get on some refresher training, that would be ideal because this will help you with your scoring. But even if you can't I would highly recommend using the toolkit. 

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I agree with Lesley. I am an adviser for Bedford. Lots of the schools and settings in Bedford use ECERS and ITERS (for younger children) as a tool for measuring quality. Most practitioners who have fully embedded the environmental rating scales have noticed improved interactions between staff and children and also between peers. It is a good tool to identify any weak areas but also to celebrate what you are already doing well. Good luck :) 

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I have used  the ECERS toolkit in my School and it made a huge impact on children's learning and development. In particular it enhances children's, engagement,  and motivation  to explore their environment.  You will be  pleasantly surprised that,  in some cases,  gentle tweaks to your practice will enhance children's independent skills.  

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