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PIN only account but don't want access to Snapshots


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Dear all,

This may be my fried brain at this time of year but...

When creating PIN-only accounts for teaching assistants, these seem to still give access to the Snapshots functions (including editing them).

There's nothing in User Permissions / Staff to turn this off... what am I missing? 

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Hi gileshill,

You can choose which staff members can or can't access the snapshot functions and other analysis screens from the control panel.

Go to Control Panel > User Permissions, then on the staff tab, click 'Analysis', and then you can 'edit' this permission:

Use analysis  Not Permitted

Access to the main analysis screens for each assessment framework

All staff use the default setting which is "Not Permitted"


You can choose a default for all staff, as well as create custom permissions for specific staff accounts.

I hope this helps! Let me know how you get on.


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