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Can I please ask on behalf of my team who are fairly new to Tapestry - can we add different age bands to an observation in the same area of learning, we have been doing this and it appears it only accepts and shows one age band - I hope that makes sense, so......if a child is achieving one strand in 22-36 months as emerging, there may be another strand in the same area of learning that they are developing or exceeding in so we would want to highlight 30-50 for that specific strand?

We have been doing this as Parenta let us do this, can you help please?

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Hi Chinwag,

It's not possible on Tapestry to choose statements from two different age bands within the same aspect, for the same observation.  For Tapestry analysis to make sense of your assessments you need to make a 'best fit' judgement. We recommend you select the age band and a refinement (emerging, developing or secure) and then, if appropriate, select any statements that may apply to that observation.

As the Development Matters Document specifies, the statements were not designed as a 'tick-list', where each child is expected to achieve them all.  They are just examples of the kinds of behaviour and knowledge that children exhibit within those age bands.

The author of the Development Matters Document, Nancy Stewart, actually wrote an article about this for us on the Forum, which you may be interested in reading.

We're very keen to support this view and to discourage settings from treating the statements as learning targets or objectives.

You might also find the links below, to further articles that are available on the forum about how to effectively assess using the EYFS, helpful to read through.

Everything You Need To Know About Observation - and Why We Do It

Observing and assessing extended tutorial for Tapestry users

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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