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Ofsted inspections since the new EIF has been released


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Although the new framework doesn't come into effect until September I feel like I have noticed a shift in emphasis already in some of the recent inspection reports. Here are a few examples (with links to the report) if you want to have a look at what has been picked up on. If you have any one your own local examples I'm sure it would be really helpful to hear them! It might just be me being really sensitive!

  • The inspector observed the quality of teaching and the impact this has on children's
    learning during activities inside and outside [109411]
  • The inspector toured the premises and observed the impact of teaching on children's enjoyment and development [113556]
  • Staff receive great support from managers to develop professionally. They benefit from
    frequent supervisions where managers praise their good practice and plan for their
    ongoing development. Staff have good opportunities to develop qualifications and
    skills, which they implement effectively to improve the outcomes for children [EY287683]
  • Staff are particularly skilled at using songs to support children's communication,
    language and understanding of rhythm [EY457214]
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