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Foundation Stage Induction Evening


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Hello. I am doing the Induction evening at my school on 24th May and starting to panic already!! Please can you help me out with any ideas? I'm not sure how much detail I need to go into really, but thought maybe someone might have a list of things I need to talk about?




Also - any good 'ways to say difficult things'? e.g. about going to the toilet etc etc.. as I have not done this talk before!


Thank you



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i have attached the notes that we use as a basis for our talk with lots of visual aids and we also have a handout with details of how to help their child in all areas of the curriculum however i dont have a electronic copy of that! good luck!


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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Well Sara has got a great sheet for you to look at Viki.

We have have an evening where the

Ht talks to the parents about school issues eg dont take holidays in school time .....medicine policy......and school contract

I (class teacher) talk them through the booklet with headings like sara's and finish with please find me for a chat if there is anything I may need to know about your child..

nurse introduces herself and talks about what her role is

School gov 5 mins

PTFA person 5 mins

out of school club 5mins

School council 5 min chat about school


In the hall school uniform table, signup for school lunch table, member of staff to photocopy birthcertificates etc


Then all wander off to my classroom, lib school informal questions


Don't worry it will be fine :)

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Wow!! This is so helpful, thank you! I have saved it to my computer.

It is exactly what I was looking for, thanks to both of you!!! I am actually looking forward to this now!

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