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We have a new employee in our nursery who has registered with the local college for a NVQ3. Our nursery supervisor was awarded the assessor's qualification a couple of years ago (by the same college) whilst assessing two of our staff members at that time. With me so far? :o

Our supervisor was told yesterday by the college that they weren't expecting to pay her for assessing our new employee because this was "in-house" training and therefore up to us (me!) to cover the costs. I'm lost for words....The college has received payment from our trainee and is therefore entitled to an assessor paid for by them, surely? I think having our supervisor as an assessor is an advantage for the college as they don't have to pay her travel expenses...she's already here! But to take it several steps further and say they're not going to pay her at all is unbelievable xD

Has anyone else had any experiences like this? Is anyone an "in-house" assessor?

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Helen, am in a kind of similar position but am employed by the authority as a teacher and an assessor and we are also a Cache registered group. We had our EV here this week and from what she was saying, I though you got payed for assessing. I agree with you. It is the college who should pay. Sounds as if they are trying to save money!

Chris :o

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Just caught up on your postings. I am also an in house assessor for staff within my group. I am also employed by the college and this is the way we have worked it out. For the time I am assessing my staff during my normal working hours (ie the hours I am paid for by my group) the college will not pay me for. Any hours assessing, including at home, that I do on staff outside my normal working hours (ie on an afternoon off, if I assess then) then the college will pay me the assessor rate.


This is because the college and my group cannot pay for for the same time - I am either assessing or running the group.


Hope that helps.



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Guest Jillbetts

hi mobbster

I will have to suggest that as I am spending 14hours a week assessing in house and not getting any money for it. I think I must be mad or something. Or maybe just helpful.

Jill :o

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