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Hi I need some help? How do I begin to write; a framework for planning in my setting. I am a childminder nearly finished on this NVQ3 and I am so mentally tired, I cannot seem to think properly. Help me please anyone?Mary :o

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Hi Mary and welcome to the forum. Can't help with your query myself, but have you had a look at the NVQ3 guidance under the resources section of the forum (see box on left)?



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I am a childminder and have completed my NVQ.


How I did it was to show yearly long-term plans based on a monthly topic -

with each week in each month having it's own planned trip out as it's focus for activity planning.


Medium-term plans are monthly and show four planned activities per week to tie in with each week's planned outing.


Short-term plans are weekly and break each planned activty down to areas of learning/development.


All three plans were presented in chart format.


I also source 4 new books from Amazon for each month's topic so that I can introduce a new book each week and base some of the activities on the book.


I hope this helps a bit.

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