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Hi everyone,


Just trying to gather ideas!! what are people doing for easter activities in the different areas for their classroom. I've got loads of ideas for art table. I need some ideas for sand area, construction, malleable, role play. Hope that anyone can help and look forward to reading your ideas.


Laura xx

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We think that we're breaking up too early this year! It was far better breaking up the week before Easter. We go back the day after Bank holiday Monday.

I'll have a think about activities and come back later!

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Early Learning Centre do a fantastic set of plastic eggs and spoons. The eggs come in two halves and if dropped, a fabric fried egg falls out the middle. We have great fun with these during outdoor play having egg and spoon races.




We also do an Easter egg hunt outside. Last year one of our mums dressed up as the Easter bunny in a full adult-sized costume that was her own. The faces of the children were a picture!


For the sand I have made cardboard eggs with different patterns on, cut them inhalf (as if they've cracked) and laminated them. I've then hidden the halves in the sand for the children to match the pairs.


We've done cooking - Easter nests. Shredded wheat or cornflakes mixed with melted chocolate. The children spoon the mixture into muffin cake cases, make a well in the middle and add a couple of sugar-coated chocolate eggs and a fluffy chick (available from pound shops!)


The children have also made their own egg sandwiches - firstly comparing the difference between cooked and uncooked eggs


The Easter story itself is very difficult to do with young children, so we tend to concentrate more on new life. So we do lots on baby animals - chick to hen, lamb to sheep, tadpoles to frogs, etc


Last year we particularly wanted to focus on handling delicate objects as some children were being a bit heavy-handed with some of our toys. We passed an un-cooked egg around the circle. The concentration of the children was amazing.


Construction - making a basket or box to hold an egg safely. Exploring which materials would protect the egg and stop it from breaking.


Can't help with role play I'm afraid. We always tend to change ours back to a home corner at the end of term.



If I think of anything else, I will add later



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I like the ELC idea, sounds fun!! I also like the sand play activitiy aswell.

Thank you for the time writing your ideas!

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