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Hi Everyone,

I have a job interview on Wednesday! Only found out today! I have got to teach a mixed ability group of 12 children from R and Y1 a maths activity of my choice. Need advice as to what to do as my head is now spinning and I don't know where to start. My first thoughts are to do maths from a story and try and link to VAK then make sure I match to SStones, ELG's and key objectives for R and Y1 from NNS.

Initial possible stories thought of:

1. Goldilocks (maybe obvious) and do measurement

2. Mr Gumpy's Outing and link to partitioning: 6 animals, how many in the water, how many in the boat: what's the number story?

Also think I should put points for development on lesson plan: how I could develop using all areas: sand water outdoor etc.


Thank you if you have got this far in my post.

Hope you will be able to help: hopefully I will be able to return favour soon.

Thanks MelC

:(:o :wacko: xDxD:( :rolleyes: :(

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Being in a preschool I'm not sure what the interviewee's will expect from you, sure someone will come along soon and advize. I personally think stories are great for introducing concepts. :D


Just sending best wishes and good luck.



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Hi Melc

Not really enough information to go on - how long is the lesson meant to last? Will you have TA support? etc etc

Just wondering whether reading a story might take up too much time? I usually use songs and props to start my lessons :)

As you won't know the children I would think something on measures or number would be fine because both are easily differentiated "on the hoof" so to speak.

Good luck

Fox xx

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I now have more interview information. The lesson is to be 30 mins. No TA support but with 12 mixed R/Y1 (have I already said that). Now thinking you may be right about stories being too long so now trying to think of a song to introduce lesson. I know that I know loads but my head is all over the place at the moment.

I also have to do presentation for 10 mins: It is to be based on "The breadth and quality of your teaching and learning and leadership experience and how you would use this to identify and support your first priorities in September."

I would be grateful of any advice and help.



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Sorry guys, I didn't get it. but never mind it was good experience and I'll be ready for the next. They did say the lesson was excellent though so thanks for all your help and support.

Mel C

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Really sorry you didn't get the post but delighted for you that your lesson went so well. You must have had some tough competition :o

The right job's out there somewhere...

Fox xx

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