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Hello everyone, 

Please could someone help... we are new to tapestry and it is a wonderful app and we have worked out about how to track our class (using development matters) but we have noticed that we can't see the individual "Learning Outcome" within a ELG - for example, PSED - Self-confidence and Self-awareness - we can see where the child is within this section but we cannot see which individual outcome has been achieved or not...i.e. Can describe self in positive terms and talk about abilities. 

It just means that it will be easy for us to plan for later lessons and help the children achieve these outcomes. 

I hope that all makes sense? lol 

Thank you


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Hi Neil,

I'm so sorry for our delayed reply, it looks like your post here was just missed!

The Development Matters statements on Tapestry don't actually contribute to much of the analysis. As the Development Matters Document specifies, the statements were not designed as a 'tick-list', where each child is expected to achieve them all.  They are just examples of the kinds of behaviour and knowledge that children exhibit within those age bands.

The author of this document, Nancy Stewart, actually wrote an article about this for us on the Forum, which you may be interested in reading.

In terms of seeing where children are, and tracking any gaps, we recommend using the summative assessment screens. These will show you where a child is for each aspect of learning in a term. If they haven't been assessed in a period for an aspect, this will show as blank and you can use this to help with your planning. This tutorial here talks you through how to use these screens. 

I hope this helps. :)

Best wishes,


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