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Im an NQT and am being observed this week. Please please please has any one got any ideas on opposites. We are only doing the topic for a week and I am being observed in the foundation subjects. It is on fri afternoon and so im hoping the kids wont be too hyperactive. I was thinking about giving a short input on the carpet and then they go off into their activities. I am so stuck for ideas though. Please help!!

thank you

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I'm in preschool so not sure what sort of activities you're after.

There is that experiment you can do where you have 3 pots of water. One as hot as is safe for kids, one with ice in or just as cold as possible and one in the middle that is warm.

They put a finger in hte cold and a finger of the other hand in the hot. Leave there for a while (30 seconds, say) then put both in the warm. Get them to describe how they feel. The finger from the cold water should feel like the water is hotter than the finger that was in the hot water.


You could sing Happy and you know it and then do Sad and you know it and maybe stamp their feet or pull sad faces etc.


You could put scenarios to them and somehow get them to indicate happy or sad. if you have room they could go to a corner or a picture or a particular colour hoop. So you say 'If it's your birthday, you feel.....' and they go to the Happy face picture.

Maybe they could all make a double sided 'puppet' on a paper plate - one side happy and the other sad. They could hold up hte side they think....

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up and down using ramps for toy vehicle or see saws ,umberellas,you could sing the wiseman built...rain came down floods came up

backwards forwards,walking etc or again with bikes.black and white,dark or light,patterned or plain.sweet or sour.

we dont do this as a topic but talk about opposites within other themes.

sorry not alot of help :o

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ice balloons are always brilliant. Not exactly opposites... but I am sure you could weave in opposite of frozen and not frozen and some of the language generated from the children when they see one is amazing.


Freeze two/three balloons with water in the freezer asap. By Friday morning they will be perfect.


Take them into school in a cool bag.


Get the children on the carpet in a circle and get them to pass it round. Then pretend to pop it with a pin. They will cover their ears!!


Once the skin of the balloon is taken off you will see some lovely shot lines in it. Compare the two, no two are ever the same!


Ask them whether they think it will sink or float.


Add one to a hot tub of water and one to a cold tub. Look at the difference in how it melts. The one in the cold tub could be the water tray. Fascinating to hear the children's responses to the balloon.


Adding salt to the balloon and then adding food colouring and seeing where it goes....


May not be exactly opposites, but was great reminiscing. :D

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