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Phonics - Can Anyone Help?


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Hi all, I use the Jolly Phonics as a basis for my planning, but just wondered if you have any more creative ways of teaching phonics? I have rhymes, finger puppets, letter fans and we also make lots of cutting and pasting activities - but none of these are very exciting for the children.


We have a class of 36 reception children altogether - 24 in one room and 12 in my room. My 12 are joined by 4 Y1s who need more practical experiences!


I've only been teaching reception since January and as I have the smaller group of children who need much more repetition, I'm running out of ideas.


Any thoughts?


Thanks everyone,



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Have you got the NLS guidence Playing with sounds full of ideas and progression DEFS phone number08456022260 doc reference 0281-2004


I use alphabet been bags and a puppet they love it especially when the puppet is naughty or gets it wrong.


If you are just starting with reception an excellant ideas book in Foundations of Literacy bySue Palmer isbn1-85539-093-0


Hope this is useful



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