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Remit for SENCO qualification published


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The Department of Education has issued guidance to support the appointment of SENCOs. The job description that has been published can be accessed from here. In discussing 'The Role of the Early Years SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)' The DfE make is clear that the intended purpose for the document is for it to be seen as  guidance for early years providers and practitioners to help clarify the role of the Early Years SENCO in non-maintained early years settings. They also specify that the document should be read alongside the Special educational needs and disability code of practice.

Additionally, a EY SENCO L3 qualification specification has been published. The DfE state that the qualifications developed from this specification are intended to support early years practitioners to gain accreditation for the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to perform the Early Years SENCO role effectively. The qualifications are not mandatory. You can access the document from here.

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