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Hi there, someone mentioned in another thread that there were dongles you could buy (for about £7) that put an additional layer of security on to the laptop...I think it said you could only start the laptop with the dongle in, so if the laptop was stolen (without the dongle!) theres no way of logging into the laptop. 

Does any one have a link to a website that sells these please? I must be googling the wrong term as I cant find anything that seems to do this....

Any help appreciated! 

Thanks! :-) 

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Hi there! You need software on your computer to "encrypt" your files. The dongle can be any USB flash drive that will be configured by the software to work as an Encryption Key. Once this is all setup, the USB key is needed to unencrypt your files when you turn the computer on (so works exactly as you say above). There is software built-in to some versions of Windows, called BitLocker, but doesn't come with all versions. E.g. it comes with Windows 10 Professional, but not Windows 10 Home. There is some more information here:


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