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I have just done the training to be a quilt consultant and feel that the scheme is an excellent way of building the team and moving forwards and developing good practise. We are looking to do it our FS setting. I know an under 5 centre and a school setting that are already doing it and they were very positive about it. I would say go for it! Good luck.

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I'm doing kitemark in Kent, yes timeconsuming, especially when involving ALL staff in reflective practice, well worth it though. It's really made me get prepared for ofsted bexause I now have a building set of action plans, and if you have an action plan ofsted can't pull you down on these areas. xD


Mind you need the time to carry them out now..... :o


seriuosly, it also motivates because it is about what we do, what we do well, how to improve on that, it's not about what we don't or should be doing.


added bonus it was free and the kitemark team put on great "relevant" training to support us through the modules.



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