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I am just embarking on our safeguarding audit and am a little confused.  Do I need to notify Ofsted of new staff?  Will an email suffice if so?  "Ofsted must also be notified of any new staff via an EY2 form, or change via an EY3 form" but it's not clear on the form whether this applies to all new staff.  I thought EY2s were only for VMC members, Trustees, owners, etc., and EY3 was for the nominated person.

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EY3 form.pngHello sparkleannie,

That does sound a little confusing! Ofsted need to know about individuals associated with a provision - that means Directors, committee members, and managers. Not staff, unless you are a childminder.  'Individuals making up an organisation' are the officers of the company, so the Directors, committee etc.                                                                              This is from the EY3 form.

All the people who are written in sections C and D of the form must also fill in an EY2 form

Here is the link to the form in case you don't have it :)




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