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We can understand why parents feel uneasy about 'risky play' because without them personally available to 'supervise' anything could happen. I know that when we show prospective families around our nursery we tell parents that their children will get dirty, will bump and scrape themselves and we explain that 'unless children find out for themselves that they can't run their fastest uphill on wet grass carrying toys then they will not learn to take care of themselves' . This 'learning to manage your own risk' is key to healthy independence and one which is discussed in this article from Michaela Machan.

You may not be familiar with the blogs written by Teacher Tom, a preschool teacher in Boston, USA. This piece published on his page today is an excellent example of how we, as adults, can sometimes make the wrong call when considering if an activity is 'too risky'....

Creating A Just-Right Challenge For Themselves

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