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Export journal in areas of eyfs


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Hi Kimberley_Reynolds,

Thanks for your suggestion, I will feed this back to the rest of team.

In the mean time, we have just added the ability to bulk export observations from the assessments tab in the browser version of Tapestry specifically to help you with your moderation. So, if you go to the Observations page and then click on the 'Assessments' tab at the top, here you can select an assessment framework, area and aspect too if you wish. This will then show you all observations that have made for that framework/area/aspect; you can filter these if you wish using the normal page filters by clicking where it says 'Filter & Sort Observations' at the top of the page.

To then bulk export these you just need to select the observations from the tick boxes and then from the pop-up box in the bottom right hand corner you can select 'Export as PDF' and select 'Go'. 

Does this help you? 

Best wishes,


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Hi Emily,


Thank you for your quick reply.  It helps a little! I have to export each PAGE as a PDF so if a child has 4 pages of maths observations I would like to show a moderator I have to export 4 individual PDFS per child. So 30 children in a class....4 pages for maths each...120 pdfs later...Now move on to physical development, which generally has a lot more observations as it is prime area of learning, 6 pages per child...times 30 children.


It would be a lot easier just to be able to print the observations off in order of the EYFS.  If this option isn't available in time for my next cohort, I will be looking at other online learning journals as this was supposed to unburden me with paper work and its just made it a lot worse. It is such a shame as I have enjoyed using Tapestry and have recommended it to lots of colleagues.  

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That's not a problem at all!

If exporting the observations in bulk doesn't work I might also recommend exporting children's learning journals for selected areas. You can do this by going to the Manage Children page on the Control Panel, select the children you want to export the observations for from the tick boxes at the end of the rows of their names and then from the pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner choose the option 'Export Journals as PDFs' from the drop-down menu and press go. 

Then on the the export page if you scroll down to the 'Assessment Options' section, you will need the to click on the 'Only include observations that have the following assessments' option and then you can choose the EYFS framework and the area/aspect you wish to export. This will then export a journal for each child of observations only for that area/aspect. 

You would need to do this for each area but as you can do this in bulk for children it might be an easier option for you, let me know what you think! 

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