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Hello all,

I know forecasting and planning for places is a very difficult aspect to manage in most settings!   I want to get a feel for what other settings do. The setting that I have just joined doesn't really plan ahead at the moment so there are no set number of places allocated and they just seem to recruit if they feel that they need more staff!  To me this seems to be a very back to front way of doing things and I feel it hugely impacts on the general organisation.  I think we need to have some form of forecasting.

I would like to plan to offer a fixed number of full time places and a fixed number of part-time places based on the demand in the area as I have heard of other settings doing this.  Is this unrealistic in the current climate or do people still work with fixed spaces?   (When I say fixed- I would review periodically to tailor to the demand via parent questionnaires etc)

So my questions are....   How many places do you offer ?   How do you allocate? 

                                          Are you a sessional Preschool/ School/ Nursery etc?

                                          Any tips/ things that have worked well to manage this??


Many thanks in advance


Glitter :)


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