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Hi everyone

our ICT co ordinator has asked me to develop a simple ICT record for the Reception class that breaks down K&U scale point 7 a little more succinctly. Before I do this (I was thinking of an A4 sheet with a few simple statements such as I can use a CD player with/without suport; I can use a paint program with/without support etc)


Has anyone got anything similar that they would be willing to share rather than reinvent the wheel? Of course if there isn't I will be glad to post one if/when I get round to doing it :o

thanks all

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Marion, you're a star

thankyou to everone for trying to help me.


I like simple, it suits me fine. I'm going to use a laminated copy, number the statements and put these numbers against the child's name on a class list, and tick each number when they 'do' these statements I can then quickly monitor coverage, frequency and skills, and see gaps I hope!

I thought they were very good and thank the person who did them. Was it you Marion?

Anyway thanks once again it's saved me time


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