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Gathering opinion please.....on research in EY

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Hello everyone, I wanted to try to gauge how people feel about children being involved in research? So I am thinking along the lines of the 3rd year BA(hons) dissertation or action research project  -  what do we think about how children can be participants in the research? How is this valid? How reliable is it? Has much research been carried out like this?

Are there disadvantages or disadvantages - I was delivering some training around this and it provoked quite a heated debate/discussion, mostly based around how accurate results would be.

It was insightful and most of the contributors of the debate seemed to think not enough data could be gathered, a guess we would think about different methodologies/ethics involved around consent and understanding......

I am interested to see what people think or if they have looked into this, or if they have indeed carried out research with children are participants? Was it successful?


Thank you in advance for any comments,

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I think for the purposes of an undergraduate project, it's perfectly OK to have a small database. A Masters or PhD is a different thing entirely, of course! I'm assuming that the stats for the undergraduate projects are given a level of significance so this would indicate how reliable the resultant data would be. It's always advisable to have a 'This is what I've found but further research is needed to replicate my findings and further test the theory' type of disclaimer!

Certainly, ethics are involved and Universities require students to put together a document explaining what they have in mind, with a consideration of the rights of the children/teachers/participants in the study. Anonymity is crucial, obviously. Looking forward to any other viewpoints; it's an interesting question and thanks for raising it. :)

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Thank you Helen, I have had some interesting chats with some 3rd year students - much research shows that the results can be still subject to misinterpretation - I think you are right it has to be about the planning and preparation of the study and short term too. 

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