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Time for Another Survey

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As part of my current research I have devised a very brief anonymous survey for parents, to assess current attitudes regarding men working in early years. So far I have had nearly 500 responses. I would be very grateful if anyone feels able to promote this to the parents of children attending your settings? 

Suggested invitation –


We are asking as many parents as possible to participate in a brief (9 question) survey about men working in Early Years as part of a research project which will be used to inform national policy. You may be aware that less than 2% of the Early Years workforce in England is currently male. This issue is currently being considered at a national level. Parents and carers views are an important part of the research. We would very much appreciate your input. The survey is anonymous. It can be found here -



The questions in the survey are -

1. I believe it is beneficial for children aged 0-5 years to be cared for by men as well as women in early years settings (nursery, preschool, childminder)   Y / N

2. I am happy for a male early years worker to care for my child?                Y / N

3.  What is the age of your child? (in years)                                                         

4.  I have concerns about men working in early years                                      Y / N

5.  If you answered Yes to Question 4, please could you give your reasons?

6.  What are the benefits, if any, of having a mixed-gender early years workforce?

7.  What does the term 'male role-model' mean to you?

8.  Any other comments about men working in early years settings

9. I Am                                                                                                                    Male / Female



l will be happy to share the final results with anyone interested.

Many thanks 



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