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Help! Unlocking manually overridden statements


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We are trying to unlock manually overridden statements to allow new observations and assessments to build up in Summative Assessments.


In an earlier thread it was advised to click on Show Details against a child's summative assessment and that this would then allow new assessments to appear. We have tried this but it does not seem to work... any advice gratefully received!

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Are you clicking through to the 'individual view'? You can't change assessments on the group view screen. If you open up the summative assessment snapshot you can choose either individual or group view - if you click into the individual view, you can look at contributing observations and assessments and make adjustments if necessary.

Does that help?

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Yes, we are looking at the individual view. We can see the contributing observations etc for each area (under Show details) but these are not updating the scores. We don't want to have to keep overriding individual assessments, we want these to now be updated in the summative area as we do our observations. (we may do more manual assessments at the end of term if necessary).


Is there a way we can do this?


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When you manually override an assessment on the summative assessments, this is the judgement that will then be used for that period. No assessments you make will contribute towards this score, Tapestry just uses your judgement.


What we suggest doing is make the assessments within the observations, as you have been doing, then at the end of the assessment period you can check the summative assessments. If you then don't agree with Tapestry's estimations you can manually override the assessments to match your judgement.


If you want to clear the manually overridden assessments that you have made already you just need to go to the individual view in the summative assessments and change the drop-downs to 'not assessed' and 'no refinement'. Once you press save this will then clear them and it will change to Tapestry's calculation.


I hope this clarifies things for you. :1b

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