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The Three Billy Goats


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Hi, I am on the hunt for large pictures of the characters and pics of the story, can anyone help?


We are doing story maps, puppets - drama with musical instruments and we have some nice costumes just need the pics etc

We are then going to write our own traditional tale, children will choose a character from several, an event, a setting, objects, etc thought about using a spinner to decide this!

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Guest tinkerbell


Northumberland education early years does a whole interactive story for the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.There is also maths stuff too I think.


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I have some planning but am having trouble with attachments :o



recall story and sequence events

show awareness of patterned language - encourage children to join in with the refrain

show understanding of the elements of story - discuss the characters - alternative endings?



order by size

ordinal position



investigate and construct materials to make a bridge selecting tools and techniques test for strength



eat monster snacks

eat green snacks cucumber celery sticks fresh pea pod peas


circle time /PSE

'I am frightened of............'



draw a chalk river and play 'Please Mr Troll can we cross your rickery bridge'

use skipping ropes or ribbons to make the river move see if you can cross without standing on the rope/ribbon

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Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou!!!


If I can be of help I will certainly try.

Our staff are going to all bring in useful websites to compile a list, I will post it on the forum when it is completed.

Many thanks!

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