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2 year olds policy and procedure


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Hi all,

I am in a school and we have had funding for a new 'time

for two's' building to accomodate 2 year olds which I will be running in my remit of EYFS leader. It should be ready for the end of Jan 2018 so I am starting to get my head around the world of 2 year olds!


Could anyone sign post or suggest where I look for a list of specific policies/procesures that I will need to have in place (seperate to other EYFS policies for nursery and reception) for when we do start to take on 2yr olds?


Many thanks

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Hi cathyuhu,

I don't think that there are specific policies required but you might want to think about reviewing your procedures to make sure your existing methods meet the needs of much younger children. For example, the following things will need to be given some thought:

  • Assessment - progress check at age 2
  • Prime area focus
  • Child-led learning
  • Funded 2 year old provision
  • S+L assessments (as often these issue become apparent in this age band)
  • Ratios - keeping to these if children free flow
  • what if children want to sleep/ (they don't need a separate room if they are over 2 years old)
  • Toileting and toilet training

I'm sure there are more! These were the ones that came to mind straight away

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